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Healthcare in Canada

Most health care in Canada is provided through the publicly funded healthcare system and private health insurance is a small part of the national health system. However, there are many benefits which private health insurance can provide which are not available in the same way through the state provided system.

There are some costs which might not be included in your territory’s state health insurance program. This might include elements of dentistry, private hospital rooms, specialist prescription drugs and various other specialist medical benefits.

Medical insurance and Immigration

If you are immigrating to Canada it is often sensible to purchase private medical insurance for at least your first three months of being in the country. This is because your national health cover isn’t likely to be processed for at least three months so you will not be covered for any healthcare you receive at this time. If you have private medical insurance you can set your mind at ease in the knowledge that if you do need any medical insurance your bills will be covered.

What medical insurance is provided in my region?

The national health insurance or Medicare policy varies from region to region so it really is worth making sure that you know what you are covered for. Most private medical insurance providers can offer different plans depending upon where in Canada you live. It is also worth bearing in mind that some of the premiums for an individual health plan are eligible medical expenses under the Canadian Federal Income Tax Act.

Where can I get Health Insurance?

There are health insurance policies out there both for groups and individuals. Individual insurance packages are available to those who are self employed or retired. There are also group and life plans available which can be tailored for businesses.

You can easily find health insurance providers online. Make sure that you read their policies thoroughly. Different insurance providers will provide different benefits and different prices so it is worth doing some research before purchasing medical insurance. Make sure that you read the terms and conditions of any product you wish to purchase.


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