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15 February 2011 - Which Way To Pay

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Legal Services On Which Way To Pay Canada

An investigation into public hygiene has found Canada’s shopping centres falling well below the mark, with reusable plastic trays harbouring the same bacteria that is found on loo seats.

The undesirable findings were found when swabs were taken as part of an investigation which saw malls including Pacific Centre (downtown Vancouver) Park Royal (West Vancouver) and Metrotown (Burnaby).

Bob Hancock, the microbiologist who handled the samples and discovered the harmful bacteria commented,

“We saw as many bacteria on some food trays as we saw on a toilet,” said Hancock.

In response, the Pacific Centre mall’s general manager, Ultan Kampff said cleaning staff wipe the rays after every use and according to him, disinfect them every night. However, clearly something must have gone a miss with such dangerous bacteria present on a surface which is eaten off by hundreds of people each day.

"The number of bacteria that are transferred from a tray, even if it's in the range of hundreds of bacteria, they're not sufficient to cause disease because we have very efficient systems in our body for getting rid of bacteria," Kampff commented.

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