How To Choose A Travel Insurance Policy
29 March 2012 13:00 - Florence Fullalove


How To Choose A Travel Insurance Policy

With travel insurance you need a policy that you can trust will cover you in any unexpected situation while abroad. You should read the policy carefully to make sure it suits you and your travel needs. It is really important that you take the time to look over the travel insurance benefits and consider how you would feel if any of these instances did affect you and you didnít have quality coverage in place. This why sometimes the cheapest insurance is not the best because it wonít cover your needs. Ensure the limits of the policy are sufficient to cover the items you intend to take with you including cash and valuables. Make sure your medial needs are covered. Please remember for example that if you have not taken out winter sports cover and have been injured while skiing then you wonít be covered for medical costs.

You will not be covered if you choose to travel to a specific area against the advice issued by the Canadian government. You have an obligation to notify your insurers about changes in your circumstances which may pose an increase risk. It is also a serious offence to misrepresent material facts under an insurance contract Ė you confirm in signing your policy that there are no pre-existing medical reasons increasing the risk of treatment being required away from home

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