Business Credit Cards

In the chart below you can compare business credit cards. Business credit cards are essential to many companies, including large corporations and small start-ups. Given the size of the credit card market today, you can take your time and be selective when you are looking for business credit cards that best suit your company. Many business cards offer great additional benefits including cashback, petrol rewards or points for using certain airlines and hotels. Compare the main advantages (and disadvantages) of different business credit cards below, and don't forget to check the terms – what is the annual fee? Will you be able to increase your credit limit? What are the requirements for application? Read the terms and conditions thoroughly.

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Compare Business Credit Cards

Find the perfect card for you and your business. Business Credit Cards are credit cards tailored for corporate use.

What is a Business Credit Card?

If you are looking for a way of separating your personal and business expenses a business credit card can be really useful. They can help you manage your corporate expenses and stay in control of your cash flow.

Is a Business Credit Card right for your business?

You will be able to find credit cards that suit all sizes of business, whether you are relatively small, just starting up or are already firmly established. Business credit cards are a secure way of buying goods and services online and over the phone and they can be a great for building up business credit.

With many business credit cards you will also be given access to a comprehensive range of on-line business resources and tools which can be particularly useful. Some credit card providers also give you the opportunity to personalise your card with your company’s logo or brand and you can get additional cards for multiple employees.

Get great reward programmes

Business credit cards often have rewards programs that can add value to your business. You can also get special offers and discounts aimed at business. If travel is involved in your work you can earn airmiles and discounted hotel stays. You could also get money off on business equipment and supplies which can save you money. Cash back programmes are also extremely popular.

What are the risks?

Remember that a business credit card is still a credit card so you need to be responsible. Make sure you make your repayments on time because you risk having to deal with expensive interest charges and other fees which can easily accumulate. You risk falling into debt and damaging your credit score.

Get the right card for your business

Take the time to research the market as there a variety of business credit cards to choose from. Use the table above to compare different cards looking at all the features. To find the card that best suits your corporate needs make sure you look at not only the interest rate but also look whether there are any additional benefits.

There are some great introductory offers but make sure you know what happens when this period ends.

You can use the table above to easily compare some of the leading business credit cards weighing up all the different feature of each to find the one most suited to your an your corporate financial needs.

How to compare business credit cards

A business credit card is an invaluable tool to improve your company’s cash flow and make paying for business items quicker and easier for you and your staff. When researching which business credit card to apply for you should look at two different factors – the annual fee and the interest rates. Find a credit card with low annual fees and interest rates, then look at any additional benefits.

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