MBNA TrueLine Credit Card (Credit Card)Mastercard
The TrueLine MasterCard® credit card - Low annual interest rate (AIR) OF 9.99% for purchases, balance transfers, access cheques and deposits. This remarkable credit card offer has no annual fee and the capability to add authorized users at no additional cost. To ensure your safety and protection, the card has enabled Chip & PIN technology. Also, your account is protected around-the-clock against fraud. With a top-notch protection program and exclusive Platinum benefits – you'll finally get the peace of mind you always wanted.
Location: Canada
1.9.99% annual interest rate on eligible purchases 
2.No annual fee
3.Exclusive Platinum benefits and peace of mind
4.Add authorized users at no additional cost
5.Around the clock fraud protection
6.Enhanced security and protection with Chip & Pin technology
Transaction Fees
1. Wire transfer: 1% of wire purchase amount (minimum fee of $7.50)
2. Balance transfer: 1% of amount advanced (minimum fee $7.50)
3. Access cheque or deposit: 1% of amount advanced (minimum fee $7.50)
4. Cash advance: 1% of amount advanced (minimum fee $7.50)
Account Fees
1. Over the credit limit: $25.00 per billing cycle
2. Returned payment: $20.00 per occurrence
3. Returned access cheque: $20.00 per occurrence
4. Extra copy of account statement or sales draft: $2.50
5. Inactive credit balance: If your account is inactive and has a credit balance, we will charge you annually on the date that your account was last active the lesser of: (1) the credit balance; or (2) $25
Optional MBNA CreditWise® - Cover your account for up to 6 different benefits and a maximum policy coverage of $30,000!

APR: 9.99%
Credit Limit: Ask on application
Credit Rebuild: No
Chip and Pin: Yes
Under 18: No
SMS Banking: No

Fees: No annual fee
Cash Back: N/A
Cash Advances: 24.99%
Balance Transfer: 9.99%
New Purchase: 9.99%

Rewards: N/A
MBNA True Line Credit Card (Which Way To Pay - 14/1/2014)
MBNA True Line Credit Card is ranked 3 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

3 Star Rating

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