5 Fees and Charges You Can Easily Avoid!

18 November 2011 - Which Way to Pay

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5 Fees and Charges You Can Easily Avoid!

None of us can really afford to waste money at the moment, especially not on fees and charges. But these are just how many companies and banks make a lot of their money. By catching you out, they profit. By being aware of where these fees and charges lie, you can avoid paying when you donít have to. Here are 5 basic fees that are easily dodged!

1. Use ATMs that do not charge you for use. You might have to walk up the road, but youíll save money!

2. Pay your utility bills on time. Late fees can be very high.

3. Pay back any debts you have as soon as you can, the longer it takes you, the more interest youíll pay.

4. Know your balance! Most banks charge hefty amounts for going overdrawn, so make sure you donít.

5. Get a credit card that doesnít have annual fees!



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