How Healthy Living Could Save you Money!

31 October 2011 - Which Way to Pay

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How Healthy Living Could Save you Money!

We all want to save money, but itís hard to see where to cut back sometimes. A great place for us to start is by looking at our lifestyles. Whatever your luxury or indulgence is, there are ways of cutting back that will often benefit your health as well as your bank balance. Here are three ways in which clean, healthy living could save you some serious money.

1. Give up alcohol! Not only is alcohol expensive, but bad for your health.

2. Give up cigarettes! Again, smoking is expensive and really bad for you.

3. Walk or cycle when you can instead of driving, youíll save gas money and get fit.

4. Cook at home instead of eating out or getting take out. You can make healthier meals with good quality ingredients, monitor your fat and sodium intake and save money!



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