Identity Theft Protection Is such a important thing to protect you.

07 October 2014 - Which Way To Pay

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Why is identity Theft Protection so Important

When it comes to our personal details , we always want to be fully protected. There is nothing worse than the thought of some stranger knowing our personal information. This is where Identity Theft Protection Comes in to the equation. This can be something as little as removing your name from marketing mailing lists or simply monitoring your credit reports . Some words you should expect to see when you have Identity Theft Protection is lock , freeze & flag . This is the terminology used within the companies that provide this service.

Most of the company's offering the Identity Theft Protection service , will generally keep you updated on any activity in relation to your personal accounts via , email , sms message or a security telephone call.

Guide to Choosing the right cover to protect you

When choosing the right cover for your personal requirements its always important to make sure that , all the things you want the Identity Theft Protection to do is actually included.

When you have made the right choice for your needs , makes sure you always have aa good contact with the company providing the cover , as you may have a suspicion yourself without them noticing . Therefore you can liaise with them to put your mind at rest.

FAQ's about Identity Theft Protection

  • How do thieves get my personal details ? Thieves can get your details from wherever they want . The most common places are ; Dumpster diving , this is when your personal information is just thrown out with the trash , without being shredded.
  • How widespread is identity Theft ? Around 5 % of our population aged over 16 are a victim of identity Theft . This can cause a massive strain & worry for individuals to be involved in this crime.
  • How can you find out if your identity has been stolen ? The ways to find out if you have been a victim of identity Theft is ; Not receiving your monthly bills, When a consumer goes to apply for things such as a mortgage , car loan etc this can affect your credit history if you have been a victim of identity Fraud.



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