Peace Of Mind With Pet Insurance

23 May 2012 15:00 - Mark Maffia

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Peace Of Mind With Pet Insurance

If like thousands of Canadians you own a pet and it suffers illness or injury it can cost thousands of dollars for veterinary bills. Pet insurance can help you avoid a very difficult decision should your animal need treatment which you cannot afford. Whether is it routine check-ups, vaccinations or a more serious operation, without pet insurance you could struggle to pay for the bills. With pet insurance you donít have to compromise on your petís health because of your finances.

When choosing a policy, remember that the premium you will pay depends on a range of variables including your petís age and its pedigree. In general, the older your pet, the more expensive your policy will be because an older animal is more likely to incur injury or illness. You will find that many insurers wonít insure your pet for pre-existing medical conditions such as cancer or arthritis. Some policies also exclude treatment for hereditary conditions so make sure you check this in advance.


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