Pet insurance: A must for every pet owner

30 April 2013 - Mark Maffia

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Pet insurance: A must for every pet owner


If you love your pet you definitely should take out a pet insurance and every family with a pet knows only too well how much one loves one's four-legged friends.   It only takes a few weeks for a new pet  to have a safe place in the heart of every family member; if anything happens to it, the grief can be huge.

Pet insurance to protect health and well-being of the animal

Pet insurance covers for all aspects of medical care for an animal. If your pet falls ill and needs treatment or needs hospital care after an accident, the pet insurance will pay the bills.   But this is not all, because every animal will also need medical checks and precautionary treatments like vaccinations and worming which can be costly but are covered by the insurance policy.

Pet insurance to protect the owner

It can happen in seconds: somebody trips over a running dog or cat and gets injured, or some other kind of damage has been caused by an animal, and the owner is suddenly faced with enormous bills which in the worst case can result in serious financial problems. To avoid this, it is highly recommendable for every pet owner to take out a pet insurance with a liability policy. It covers for any misfortune a pet can cause and for which the owner would be liable.

Which animals can be insured?

Pet insurance usually covers for dogs, cats and horses.  But there are policies available for other kinds of animals.

What does pet insurance cost?

The costs for pet insurance vary, depending on the age of your animal and what kind of animal needs to be insured. This applies particularly for dogs because certain type of dogs who might present a higher risk of causing any damage will mean a more expensive policy.

How to find the best pet insurance

Before choosing the right pet insurance it is advisable to compare different insurance providers first, and check their conditions and different policies.   Have a look at this list, choose the pet insurance which suits you best, and then simply click on "apply"




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