Prepaid Credit Cards: A Good Alternative

01 December 2010 - Which Way To Pay

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Prepaid Credit Cards: A Good Alternative


Top up and go! That is all you need to do when you get your prepaid card from Which Way To Pay Canada.

For those of you who are not familiar with prepaid cards, the concept is that you never have more on your card than what you have topped up with. Therefore you can spend without worrying about getting into financial harm. Not only this, but you also avoid the fees that are associated with credit cards.

It gives you the benefits of a card in the sense that you can make online payments with it and transfer money using it, yet there is no chance you will get in to trouble with repayments.

A prepaid card is absolutely ideal for parents who want to monitor their kids spending by allocating them a certain amount of money. It is also perfect for use in businesses.

If one of your employees is going on a business trip, you can effectively load up the card with their allocated trip allowance and they can make all their transactions to the card. Therefore the spending is localised.

The card is not the only thing that is hassle free; applying for one is simple and easy, with the whole process being done online in a matter of minutes.

Have a look at our card section and then click on ‘prepaid cards’ if you are interested in getting one.

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