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04 August 2011 - Which Way to Pay

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Save Money Now!

With the global economy seemingly falling apart at the seams, and the threat of a double-dip recession creeping up on us, itís time to start tightening our belts and saving some money. Many people are experiencing pay freezes and as the cost of living skyrockets, have to dip into savings in order to maintain the lifestyle which they have become accustomed to. There are ways, however, you could save money without making any drastic lifestyle changes. You can do this by being careful with your money, and watching out for bad habits you may have when it come to spending money.

Whether itís eating out, over doing the air conditioning, buying new clothes all the time or spending too much on gas, there are always small ways you can save that could really mount up. Why not make a record of everything you spend for a fortnight in order to really pinpoint where all your money is going. This is a great start to get a grip on your spending and start plumping up your savings accounts before the long hard economic winter that may be around the corner.



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