Simple measures to ensure you do not become a victim of identity theft

03 August 2013 - Which Way To Pay

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Identity theft is on the rise Ė how to protect yourself from identity theft

It has become big business to fraudulently obtain innocent consumers credit card details and commit identity theft. I am sure that even if you havenít been a victim of identity theft, you know someone who has. Below we look at some easy ways that you can try and protect yourself against identity theft.

What is identity theft?

Identity theft is when a criminal steals your identity and uses it to apply for and use the credit, leaving you to pick up the pieces. These fraudsters can easily find old bank statements in your rubbish bin and use the information to apply for financial products. Providing you can prove that you havenít been negligent and you can prove it wasnít you, more often than not you are not liable for the cash, however, it is a headache to fight and sort out.

How do I protect myself from Identity Theft?

Buy a shredder - you should ensure that your household has a shredder to destroy important documents. This means that your bank statements and other important documentation cannot be found in your bins and used for financial scams.

Use a virus protector on your computer Ė prevent hackers from access important documents on your computer by protecting your details online.

Check Bank Statements Ė it is always good practice to keep an eye on your spending, however, with fraudulent activity on the up it is even more important to keep an eye on your purchases.

Keep your bank account pin safe Ė try to memorise this pin, donít document it anywhere and definitely donít use any easy to crack codes. Fraudsters can easily obtain your date of birth and work out your pin!



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