Start Saving Money on Food Today!

24 November 2011 - Which Way to Pay

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Start Saving Money on Food Today!

Spending money on food can seem like itís never ending. Every day most of us will buy something for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and it really mounts up. If you feel like youíre spending too much money on food, then these tips will help you start saving today. Although we all have to eat, there are some things you can do to keep feeding you and your family well without breaking the bank.

1. The main way you will start saving money is by planning meals. By making a meal plan for the week, not only will you save money on eating out but also through making an extensive shopping list.

2. Shop for your meals in as big a grocery store as you can, the prices are often a lot lower than in smaller stores. Stick to the list you have written and donít put items into your shopping cart that you donít need.

3. Avoid restaurants, take-out and readymade meals, and cook healthy options with basic ingredients. Not only will you save money, but itís healthier too!

4. Take a packed lunch with you to work, itís a lot cheaper than buying food every day. 



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