Start Saving on Gas Today!

28 November 2011 - Which Way to Pay

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Start Saving on Gas Today!

With our cars guzzling more and more gas, and the price going up and up, we all want to save money on filling up the tank wherever we can. Apart from the obvious ways to cut back on the amount of money you spend on gas by using your car less by walking and cycling, there are certain things you can do to reduce your outgoings. Just follow these simple tips to start saving money today.

1. Turn off your air conditioning and heater. These will use more energy and cost you in gasoline.

2. Change your speed more gradually. By being gentle with the pedals, you will save gas and waste less energy.

3. Use cruise control on long journeys at a lower speed. Driving at a constant lower speed will save you money.

4. If you drive a stick, then stay in the highest gear possible for your speed, it will save you gas!



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