Atlantic Storms to hit Canada: Does your home insurance cover you in the event of a storm?

05 December 2013 - Which Way To Pay

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Atlantic Storms tracking across Canada: Does your home insurance cover you?

It was announced earlier this week that a severe weather system that is tracking across Canada has the potential for high winds and heavy rain that could possibly result in flooding, wind damage, and power outages.

Potential damage is usually covered by home insurance policies

With the exception of overland flooding, The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) says that potential damage caused by these types of events are normally covered by home insurance policies. You must ensure that as soon as there has been damage to your property, you phone your insurance provider to check your policy terms and conditions. Always take photographs of the damage to document the evidence of damage and only remove debris if it is safe to do so.

Amanda Vice, IBC Vice-President, Atlantic Canada says, "We have seen many storms in 2013 that have caused a great deal of damage right across Canada. If you suffer any damages from today's storm, we want to help you get life back to normal as soon as possible. IBC offers some insurance advice to help the claims processes go as smoothly as possible."

Are you covered under your home insurance policy?

Damaged caused by snow, rain or wind is generally covered under your home insurance policy. This includes flying debris or falling branches or trees. Check your policy if you have damage to your mobile home or trailer, these insurance policies vary so watch out. Damage to your cars from wind or water is usually covered under your car insurance policy.



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