Canada Agrees Economic Alliance With US And Mexico

03 April 2012 10:00am - Florence Fullalove

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Canada Agrees Economic Alliance With US And Mexico

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with US President Barack Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon at the White house yesterday as part of a three nation summit. Harper promised to work with America and Mexico to boost economic growth and trade, tack organized crime and promote energy development. In a statement after the meeting Harper said, “Canada places the highest value on the friendship and partnership among our three countries.” He added, “We form one of the world’s largest free-trade zones, which has been of great benefit to all our nations.” The United States, Canada and Mexico are linked in the North American Free Trade Agreement which was signed in 1994.

President Obama in a statement said, “We are doing everything we can to speed up the recovery and that includes boosting trade with our largest economic partners. As president, I have made it a priority to increase our exports and I am pleased that our exports to Canada and Mexico are growing faster than our exports to the rest of the world.” In 2011, total US trade in goods with Canada and Mexico exceeded $1 trillion for the first time.  Obama noted that this supports about 2.5 million American jobs. At the summit the leaders discussed how to increase exports and create greater economic opportunity.

The summit also discussed the ongoing difficult battle against drug and criminal organization posing problems for governments in Mexico and Central America. America is giving $1.6 billion to Mexico to help it tackle the situation, where drug related violence as left around 50,000 people dead since 2006 when the government crackdown started. In a statement Calderon pushed Obama and Harper to continue their efforts against weapons and trafficking and the work towards reducing the demand for drugs. Harper and Obama agreed that the trans-national drug crime requires a unified response.


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