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Legal Services

Legal services are used by many Canadians each day. You too could win compensation for a range of events that have affected your life. Typical cases are:

  • An injury in your place of work
  • An injury in a public place
  • A car accident that was caused by someone else
  • Other similar situations

How Can I Apply?

Applying for legal services is very straightforward and you can do this directly from the comparison page on Which Way To Pay. Use the chart to compare the main features and once you have found the right firm, you can click on More Info to get more information. If you wish to apply, most legal services offer a simple online application form.

They will need to know some basics

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your email / telephone
  • They may need to know some details of your case
  • They may need proof of your claim

How Much does it Cost?

This depends on the service you use. Each firm may have its own individual fee structure so make sure you find out all the details before you apply. If you are not sure then ask them directly; if they are unwilling to provide full details then just avoid them altogether.

Many legal services offer the initial part of the process for free. This means you can receive advice and guidance without paying a dollar. The fee is often taken from the compensation money you receive. Always find out about this in more detail they may take a large cut of your winnings.

Are they Professional?

Most legal services are run by teams of lawyers and legal experts.

However there are always bogus firms trying to win customers you can find out if they are legitimate by reading the fine print on their website or ask directly. If they are unwilling to provide you with full details of their qualifications or professional experience, it is best not to use their services and find a better firm.

If necessary you may need to seek advice from your existing attorney. This is especially recommended with complicated legal cases.


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