World Remit (Money Transfer)
World Remit is a money transfer business enabling customers to send money to family and friends back home, using various payment options including cash pick up, debit cards, credit cards and online banking. Customers are able to top up their mobile phone accounts from Canada using this service. World Remit specialises in money transfer from Canada to countries in sub-saharan Africa.
Location: Canada
1. Send online.
2. Easy to use money transfer.
3. No need to visit an agent.
4. Transparent exchange rates and fees.
5. Once-off registration only takes a few minutes.
6. Great for regular payments.
1. Sender must be 18 years or older.
2. No physical agents.
3. We do not accept cash.
1. Money Transfer Service

Costs/Fees: From $4.99
Payment Types: Credit and Debit cards, Online bank transfer
Transfer Locations: Credit and Debit cards, Online bank transfer
Transfer Methods: Cash Pickup, Bank acc, Mobile acc, Home delivery.
Transfer Speed: Varies depending on destination country.
Transfer Minimum: $1
Transfer Maximum: $8000

Must be approved by our online ID verification process.
Security Statement:
The World Remit website is secured by Verisign using 128bit encryption. WorldRemit is also PCI compliant and is registered with the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) under the Payment Service Regulations 2009 for the provision of payment services. Registration number: 516616.
Terms and Conditions:
Please visit their website for a copy of their terms and conditions.

Number Of Currencies: 22
Currencies Available:
UK Pounds GBP
Australian Dollars AUD
Bangladesh Taka BDT
Burkina Faso West African Franc XOF
Cameroon Central African Franc XAF
Canadian Dollars CAD
Danish Krone DKK
US DollarsUSD
Euros EUR
Ghanaian Cedi GHS
Guinea-Conakry GNF
Honk Kong Dollars HKD
Indian Rupees INR
Ivory Coast West African Franc XOF
Kenya Shilling KES
Malaysia Ringgit MYR
Nigeria Naira NGN
South Africa Rand ZAR
Sri Lanka Rupee LKR
Sweden Krona SEK
Swiss Franc CHF
Uganda Shilling UGS
Zambia Kwacha ZMK
World Remit (Which Way To Pay - 13/1/2014)
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