Dollars Direct (Payday Loan)
At DollarsDirect, they are dedicated to providing you with fast, convenient and straightforward lending services. Their payday loans are designed to meet your unique needs, whether you need to bridge the gap between paydays or can't access a loan through a traditional source. DollarsDirect provides you with a fast, convenient and reliable payday loans service. Their payday loans are a convenient option if you cannot access a payday loan through a traditional service. New customers may qualify for up to $500 and returning customers can receive up to $1,500. To save 25% on your initial loan fee at, use discount code: CJ2015.
Location: Canada
Lender/Broker: Lender
1. Apply in minutes online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
2. Easy to qualify.
3. Perfect credit not required.
4. Cash as soon as today deposited directly into your bank account.
1. The loan term can be up to 62 days.
2. For a loan of $1,500 the total cost of borrowing would be $315. The total amount you would repay would be $1,815.
1. Apply online
2. You may qualify for up to $500 for your first loan from DollarsDirect
3. Returning customers can receive up to $1,500

APR: 599.64%Loan Amount: Up to $1,500
Min Term: 0 daysMax Term: 62 days

Secured Loan: NoUnsecured Loan: Yes

Alberta, Calgary, Edmonton, British Columbia, Vancouver, Ontario, Toronto Ottawa, Saskatchewan
Terms and Conditions:
You must be employed, have an active bank account and be over the age of 18 years old.
You must be currently employed for more than two months with the same employer, be self-employed or be collecting employment insurance
Emergency cash needs
Services Currently Available: Alberta, Calgary, Edmonton, British Columbia, Vancouver, Ontario, Toronto Ottawa, Saskatchewan
Dollars Direct (Which Way To Pay - 29/3/2011)
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