CitiFinancial (Personal Loan)
CitiFinancial offer unsecured loans of up to $6,000 at a fixed interest rate for the entire loan term. You are not required to provide collateral to qualify this loan and you do not have to own a home. You can apply for a CitiFinancial loan online and in 5 minutes you will receive email confirmation of your loan application status.
Location: Canada
Lender/Broker: Lender
1. Fixed interest rates for entire loan term
2. Quick online application with an instant online decision
3. No prepayment penalties
4. You can change your mind within 14 days with no charges, no hassles
5. No homeownership required, no collateral required
1. Interest rates are based on various factors which include your income, credit score and payment history so you will need to apply for this information.
1. More than 300 branches across Canada
2. Safe access to your online account
3. Interest rates are based on various factors, which include your income, credit score and payment history.

APR: Ask on applicationLoan Amount: $300 - $6,000
Min Term: 36 monthsMax Term: 60 months

Secured Loan: NoUnsecured Loan: Yes

Terms and Conditions:
See website for terms and conditions
Primary identification and Secondary Identification:
Flexible payment options
1. You are a resident of Canada
2. You have reached the age of majority in your province of residence
3. You have been discharged from bankruptcy for at least 7 years (if applicable)
4. You have some established credit history.
5. You have the ability to make monthly payments in order to pay off your loan.
6. You need the loan for personal, family or household purposes.
CitiFinancial (Which Way To Pay - 8/4/2010)
CitiFinancial is ranked 3 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

3 Star Rating

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