Pet Secure (Pet Insurance)
Petsecure is simple and comprehensive with 2 unique pet insurance options offering various coverage levels. Choose from our economical Petset or comprehensive Secure For Life™ plans. Petsecure dog insurance and cat insurance includes accident and illness coverage that renews each year.Pet health insurance allows you to ensure that you can provide your pet with the very best of care so that when the unexpected happens, you're free to make the health care decisions that feel right for you, rather than basing them on what you can afford.
Location: Canada
1. Petsecure Insurance for your dog Petsecure Insurance for your cat 8 out of 10 Veterinarians Recommend Petsecure. In a recent survey by professional research firm Gfk Kynetec, Petsecure was the #1 recommended pet insurance provider in Canada.
2. No matter what level of coverage you have chosen, your plan covers veterinary fees due to accidents or illness (not applicable on the Petset Accident Only plan). This includes x-rays, hospitalization, surgery, prescriptions, chemotherapy, MRI/CAT scans, alternative treatments such as homeopathic therapy, and much more.
3. Petsecure pet health insurance will reimburse you for up to 80% of the costs of care and veterinary services.
4. We strive to turn around claims as quickly and efficiently as possible and usually we are able to process your claim reimbursement within 5 business days of receiving your claim
5. With Petsecure, there is no age limit to insuring your pet, allowing even senior pets to receive coverage.
6. With Petsecure pet health insurance, you can use any licensed veterinarian in Canada and can visit and claim at multiple veterinary clinics - the choice of who should care for your important pet is completely yours.
7. Neither your deductible, nor your premiums will increase in response to how many pet insurance claims you make. Your deductible increases only as your pet ages and becomes more susceptible to illness or injury.
8. We offer an annual coverage amount towards dental care based on the plan your pet is on.
9. On our Secure For Life™ coverage, we cover up to $350 per year for alternative therapies: massage, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic and homeopathy treatments
10. If you enroll three or more pets with Petsecure pet insurance, we will reduce your premium by 10%. You'll save 15% by enrolling six or more pets
1. Specific medical records are required for dogs over 8 years of age and cats over 10 years of age.
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Policy Name: PetSure
Policy Cost: From $12.95 p.m.
Policy Deductable: The choice is up to you based on your budget and preference

Cover Type: Dog and Cat Insurance
Cover Level: economical Petset or comprehensive Secure For Life™
Cover Detail:
Typically, Petsecure covers:
1. All ages and all breeds of cats and dogs
2. 80% of your veterinary fees
3. Medical conditions arising from accidents
4. Available coverage for dental, alternative and preventive care

Application Methods: Online, telephone
Underwriter: Western Financial Insurance Company ©2011
Pay Monthly: No

For Canadian residents seeking insurance for cats or dogs
For Canadian residents only
To cats and dogs of any age
If you enroll three or more pets with Petsecure pet insurance, we will educe your premium by 10%. You'll save 15% by enrolling six or more pets

Pet Info: Dogs and Cats
Pet Secure (Which Way To Pay Canada - 26/7/2013)
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